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Besides component supply SAMAX Rail can also install these materials for you. Our team of experienced and certified professionals make sure that every were in the world your rail construction is placed within the applicable tolerances. A numeration of the services that SAMAX Rail can offer you:



Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of rail installation, both at home and abroad, our supervisors are capable to guide your assembly teams on the work floor. We make sure that the rail construction is built and commissioned within the applicable standards. We also take care off a correct project administration and the filling in of all required quality documents.


Project Management

Complex projects with downtimes where crane tracks need to be replaced or serviced in a short time in locations with high safety regulations require its own approach and preparation. We are happy to help you to manage your crane rail projects.


Rail welding

We have certified puddle arc (enclosed welding) and thermite welders in our team with years of rail welding experience. The welders are equipped with all the necessary welding tools and profiling machines. An absolute benefit is that the welders are at home in all disciplines and know how to execute the welding process under all circumstances.


Repair and maintenance

When your construction has to deal with rail breakages, excess wear and subsidence we can ensure that a mechanic or a group of mechanics are on the job quickly to solve the problem(s) within the shortest possible time. We know better than anyone else what the consequences are of a stationary crane.


Even when your rail construction is still in a proper condition it may be preferable to maintain the track periodic. One can think of constructions which are located in a dirty and aggressive environments and/or are subject to extreme vibrations and loads.


By keeping the construction clean and replacing in time abrasive parts you can prevent sudden calamities and possible stoppages.



Our experienced and well trained mechanics are equipped with all the necessary special tools with which your rail construction can be installed in a professional manner. After commissioning you can be quite sure that you will benefit from a trouble- and maintenance-free rail track for many years.


We also have large experience in the works on cargo and container cranes. On these cranes we maintain and replace the trolley rail systems.

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