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Samax rail


SAMAX works 24/7 on beautiful crane rail projects. We are happy to show you what we have been doing in recent years.

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CONO Kaas Middenbeemster

With use of our own developed trolley we measured a difficult-to-approach crane track. This track is situated above a brine bath.

Dover US Airfoce Base

SAMAX Rail has replaced a 360 meter long crane track type A100 in a storage building. The rails has been installed on continuous sole plates with use of adjustable rail clips. Rails have been welded together according the enclosed welding procedure.


Our installation team has installed a 60 meter crane track type S30 at the new TESLA factory in Austin USA. The track is discontinuously supported and installed with adjustable rail clips.

Clip Intermodal Terminal

Supply and installation of a 755 meter long crane track type MRS87A. The track has been directly installed on a milled concrete foundation with use of adjustable rail clips. Our works have been executed to the full satisfaction of the client.

SAMAX Rail BV - Amsterdam CS

For this project in front of the Central Station of Amsterdam our rail welders have made approximately 750 pieces enclosed weldings Ri60 and Dillidur (specials) commissioned by our client Van Gelder.

Swissport Frankfurt Airport

Supply and install of 212 meter crane rail system A65, discontinuously supported and fixed with adjustable rail clips. The crane rail has been installed according the FEM9831 tolerances and welded according the enclosed welding procedure. Works have been executed timely and to the full satisfaction of our client.

Smit Heat Treatment
Smit Heat treatment, Waalhaven Rotterdam – 2020

For our client Smit HT we supplied and installed a crane track on concrete Stelcon plates. We disburdened the client by carrying out the full package: soil improvement, supply and install of 60 pieces industrial Stelcon plates on which the rails UIC54 is mounted. The paving around the Stelcon plates has also been done by SAMAX Rail.

Van Leeuwen Buizen - Zwijndrecht
Van Leeuwen Buizen, Zwijndrecht – 2020

Replacement of 80 meter crane rail A55 for a Gantry crane. During a production stop of days we replaced the rail in one of the storage areas. After changing of the rail sections we re-aligned and welded the rails in a very short lead time.

Arcelor Mittal Gent, All Weahter Terminal
Arcelor Mittal Gent, All Weather Terminal – 2019/2020

Supply and installation of 3 x 200 meter A100 and 16 x 23 meter A65 crane rail construction on a continuous sole plate. The welding of the rails has been carried out according the enclosed welding procedure. All crane tracks have been installed with a non-adjustable clip. Also a total of 38 pieces of steel buffer stops have been supplied for the quay crane, semi-portal crane and the transfer vehicles.

TATA Steel Tubes – Zwijndrecht – 2019

With our experienced team we replaced 2×200 meter block rail for a new crane rail type A65 during the summer shutdown of 2,5 weeks.

We removed the old rail by gauging. After removal of the rails we drilled holes in the steel beam so we could fix the new rails with bolted and adjustable rail clips.

Block Berge Bygg – Klepp Stasjon Norway – 2019

Supply and install of 2×140 meter crane rail type A65 on a continuous sole plate. The welding of the rail was executed according the enclosed welding process.

The crane rail has been fixed with a non-adjustable SAMAX rail clip.

Kraanrail Samax
IJB Beton – Lelystad -2019

Supply and install of 2×108 meter crane rail construction A65 on a steel beam for a new overhead crane. The rails has been fixed with SAMAX clips.

Samax rail
ECT Delta Terminal – Maasvlakte Rotterdam – 2019

Maintenance and repair of several trolley rail tracks on top of STS, transtainer and stacker cranes

IJB Beton – Lemmer – 2019

Disassembly of 500 meter old crane rail construction and install of 500 meter new crane track A65 continuously supported by steel sole plates.

We also created 4 new (crane)railroad crossings for the heavy truck traffic. The crane rail has been mounted with non-adjustable SAMAX clips.

All these activities have been carried out during the 3 weeks summer shutdown and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Navistar – Monterrey – Mexico – 2019

Supply, install and enclosed welding of 90 meter discontinuously supported crane rail MRS87A for a stacker crane. We have fixed the rails with a SAMAX rail clip.

The rail construction has been grouted with a cement based mortar.

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
Bosch Beton  – 2019

Supply, enclosed welding and installation of 624 meter rail construction A75 and S49

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
Porsche, Zuffenhausen Germany – 2019

Enclosed welding and installation of a rail construction MRS87A for a stacker crane in the high bay store

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
South Carolina Port Autorithy  – 2018/2019

With use of our working platform the SAMAX Rail welding team replaced the short rail end pieces on 5 ZPMC STS cranes. All rail clips and elastic pad for the trolley rail have also been replaced by SAMAX Rail during this project.

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
SIF Group Maasvlakte – 2019

Re- alignment of 500 meter crane track A120 on 20 meter height. SAMAX also replaced all damaged rubber nosed rail clips and repaired the rail welds which were in a bad condition.

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
Aston Martin, Wales, UK – 2018

Supply, enclosed welding and installation of a S41 rail construction for a stacker crane for the paint shop.

Kraanrail - Samaxrail
SIF Group, Roermond – 2018

Replacement of 288 meter rail construction A75 with use of new adjustable rail clips.

Kraanrail Samaxrail
Daimler, Charleston USA – 2018

Supply, enclosed welding and installation of a MRS87A rail construction for a stacker crane for the high bay store.

APM Terminals Rotterdam, Maasvlakte 1 – 2018

Supply and installation of 1 set of short rail end pieces on a ZPMC STS crane. Part of the job was shimming the rails at the hinge point including replacement of all rail clips.

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